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Masterblasters provides a high quality abrasive blasting and wet coat painting service across southern Qld including the Darling Downs and the Surat Basin. Masterblasters main focus is the industrial blasting and painting for the mining and engineering industries both domestic and export.

Masterblasters offers effective protective coating for corrosion control of machinery and equipment through its unique and thorough operational management.

Benefits for you, the client are:

  • Assurance that your work will be finished with a high level quality workmanship
  • Completion of work and delivery to your time schedule
  • Excellent customer service to ensure a smooth process

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Abrasive Blasting and Wet Coat Painting

Masterblasters provides a high quality industrial abrasive blasting and wet coat painting service in Toowoomba and the Surat Basin. Masterblasters provides a superior service and improved turnaround time.

Abrasive blasting (previously known as sand blasting) uses a quality garnet in the blasting process.

The wet coat painting processes can be a two or three coat system and Masterblasters follows the specifications of the paint as given by the paint manufacturer.

This system applied correctly will give you excellent protection from corrosion.

Masterblasters specialities: mining, drilling, and industrial

Masterblasters is focused on servicing the mining, drilling, and engineering industries of southern Qld including the Darling Downs and Surat Basin. Masterblasters specialises in protective coating systems for corrosion control on large machinery, drilling and heavy equipment.

'Done Once - Done Right'

'Done Once - Done Right' is Masterblasters motto. To achieve this Masterblasters has highly qualified tradesmen, established processes, and a quality management system. You can depend on Masterblasters to complete your job to our high standard within the designated time.

Masterblasters Mission

The Masterblasters mission is to provide quality products and services to our clients in a timely manner. Masterblasters treats its clients and staff with respect and dignity, and aims to be a positive influence in the community.

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