Professional and Reliable

Masterblasters delivers high quality blasting and coating services for metal structures and equipment operating in challenging environments within the mining, oil and gas, agriculture, transport, construction, utilities and manufacturing industries.

Founded in 2006 by the Hamblin family, Masterblasters has an established reputation for professional workmanship, reliable turnaround times and consistent outcomes for its major supply chain partners.


We value open communication and work hard to keep our clients informed. Our integrated management system ensures accurate quotes and projects that are completed on time. 


We have the personnel and facilities to provide a wide range of coatings for any size project with proven quality and reliability.

Management Team

Tim Hamblin

Owner & General Manager Tim's mantra ""Done Once - Done Right"" is the driving force behind everything we do at Masterblasters.

Liz Hamblin

Business Manager Liz's positive attitude ensures all projects are completed reliably and consistently to our client's requirements.  

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A 19m Blast Booth in Toowoomba
A 19m Blast Booth in Toowoomba

Caters for large scale equipment up to 18 metres

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Paint Coating Booths in Toowoomba
Paint Coating Booths in Toowoomba

Multiple paint booths for projects up to 18m

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Highly Skilled Blast and Coat Team
Highly Skilled Blast and Coat Team

More than 80 years combined experience

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A 19m Blast Booth in Toowoomba
A 19m Blast Booth in Toowoomba

Caters for large scale equipment up to 18 metres

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Our Facilities

Toowoomba - Environmentally compliant blasting and painting facility

Our extensive Toowoomba facility services Southern Queensland and caters for large scale equipment including drilling rigs and structural steel beams up to 18 metres in length, as well as smaller components.

This facility provides 4,700 square metres of yard and set-down areas with 1,150 square metres of undercover space, allowing us to operate regardless of weather as well as protecting our clients confidentiality. 

Blast Facility:

  • Blast room measures 19m in length by 5.5m wide by 5.5m high

  • An air wash grit recycling system allows for minimal material waste and fast and efficient reloading

Four Paint & Drying Booths:

  • Booth 1 - 19m x 6.0 width x 5.5 high

  • Booth 2 & 3 - 12.5m x 4.5 width x 3.6 high

  • Booth 4 - 9m x 4.5 width x 4.5 high

Mobile - Onsite abrasive blasting and painting services


Masterblasters provides autonomous mobile blasting and painting services to regional and remote locations throughout Queensland, and are available Australia wide. 


Daily equipment checks are undertaken to ensure equipment is operating to manufacturers’ specifications and is compliant with environmental and Australian Standards requirements. All preventative and general maintenance of equipment is recorded in the online management system.

Highly skilled workforce for blasting and wet coat painting industrial projects.

Our Team

Masterblasters' highly skilled workforce thrives on delivering professional finishes they can be proud of.

Our team experience totals more than 80 years in complex and demanding blasting and wet coating work. Our staff qualifications include but are not limited to:

Cert IV – Surface Preparation & Coating Application

Cert III in Competitive Systems & Practises (LEAN Management)

NACE 1 Certified Inspectors onsite

Access to NACE 2 Inspectors

All staff have a focus on continuous improvement, quality outcomes and responsive service delivery. Ongoing training covers safety, product and equipment updates and on-the-job skills development.

Environmentally friendly blasting and coating to Australia Stadards.

Our Journey 2006 - 2019

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