Industrial coating

Industrial protective coating (also known as wet coat painting) is the application of industrial quality primers and paints, after a surface been properly prepared through an abrasive blasting process. The surface is then primed and may receive an intermediate coat depending on the client's requirements. A final topcoat provides weather protection, chosen colour and a selected level of gloss.

This process effectively:

  • extends the life and performance of equipment, machinery and structures

  • reduces costly repairs and replacement

Our rigorous assessment process enables us determine the best surface preparation method for your equipment or site. We consider factors such as

  • humidity and temperature

  • adhesion and chemical bonding

  • wear resistance

  • cost efficiency and ongoing maintenance. 

Our staff are highly qualified with NACE 1 Certified Inspectors onsite and NACE 2 Inspectors also available. We pride ourselves on delivering a superior service that is safe and environmentally responsible. We offer expert technical advice and colour matching services. 

Based in Toowoomba, our mobile coating services operate throughout Queensland and are available Australia wide.

Why choose us?

High quality outcomes that deliver maximum corrosion protection.


Four environmentally compliant paint and drying booths in Toowoomba.

ISO 9001:2015 certified with NACE qualified inspectors on site.


Professional finishes with exceptional visual presentation.

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Masterblasters uses high performance pants in all our protective coating systems.

Quality Primers and Paints

We use high performance primers and paints in one, two or three coat systems.

Expert Advice 

We offer comprehensive technical advice on all protective coating options, including expert advice from paint suppliers' industrial chemists. ​​

  • Paint-n-ColourInternational, Carboline, Jotun paints; high performance, heavy duty protective coatings for new construction and maintenance, commercial coatings and fire protection coatings.

  • Colour Stop – Wattyl; durable coating systems for internal & external metal protection.

  • Peninsula Paints – PPG; a broad line of high performance coatings and finishes for use in the most demanding maintenance applications.

Quality Assurance

Quality management reports are supplied to meet and exceed the level required by individual clients. Our reports include but aren't limited to:

  • Inspection test plans

  • Quality control reports

  • Paint batch certificates

  • Garnet batch certificates

  • Workshop data

  • Positector probe calibration certificates and reports

  • NACE 1 Inspectors onsite and access to NACE 2 Inspectors

Testing methods meet AS 3894 ‘to determine the adequacy of site-applied protective coating’.

Refer to our Management Systems for more information. 

Protect and Preserve Equipment

Protective coatings reduce the effects of corrosion and other forms of abrasion caused by operating in challenging environments with excessive heat and UV, exposure to chemicals and other corrosive elements.

We deliver solutions for a wide-range of industries and project sizes including:

  • Oil and Gas - drill rigs, mud tanks, pipe spools and pipe work. 

  • Mining – large-scale equipment, tanks and containers, earth-moving equipment and onsite structures. 

  • Industrial and utilities – tanks, transformers, plant and machinery, storage and process tanks.

  • Transport – trailers, truck chassis, vacuum tankers and skids, tippers and dollies 

  • Agriculture – machinery, trailers, attachments and components.

  • Manufacturing – general steel fabrication items, bulldozer parts, industrial floors, any type of steel, brick? or concrete? surface

Protective coatins for mining, industrial, transport, agriculture, manufacturing and coal seam gas industries.
Protective coatins for mining, industrial, transport, agriculture, manufacturing and coal seam gas industries.

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