Abrasive blasting


Abrasive blasting (commonly known as sandblasting) effectively prepares a metal surface by removing any corrosion or previous coating. This provides a clean profile for paint to adhere to and is crucial to the overall finish and longevity of a completed project.


Combined with precision wet coat painting or protective coatings, abrasive blasting:


  • extends the life and performance of equipment, machinery and structures

  • reduces the cost of repairs and replacement 

Our Toowoomba premises boasts extensive under-cover storage and set-down areas.

  • We use a quality assured, environmentally sustainable steel grit GL-80 or alternative suitable abrasive medium in the blasting process.

  • We offer abrasive blasting services to Australian Standard AS1627.4 covering Class1, Class 2, Class 2.5 and Class 3 abrasive blasting.

Why choose us?

Modern and extensive blasting facilities for jobs up to 18 metres


Professional workmanship with reliable delivery and turnaround times

Quality and integrity inspections throughout the process

Cater for large scale equipment including drilling rigs, structural steel beams and smaller components


Southpac Certifications OHS 45001.png
Complex blasting and coating projects for southern Queensland

Professional Workmanship

Our team experience totals more than 80 years in complex and demanding blasting and coating projects. 

Blasting to Australian Standards

Our Australian Standard AS1627.4 services cover​​:

  • ­Class 1 - very light over clean with removal of loose surface contaminants.

  • Class 2 - substantial blast clean with wide spread, visible contaminate removal and base metal colour appearing.

  • ­Class 2.5 - intensive blast clean leaving shading grey metal with only tiny, isolated flecks or strips of visible contaminates.

  • ­Class 3 - complete blast clean with consistent metal colour all over and no visible contaminates

Quality Assurance

We conduct thorough quality and integrity inspections to ensure all items are in a suitable condition for surface finishings that consistently meet our client's expectations. 

Masterblasters works with a network of high performance welders and fabricators to undertake repair work when required. Minor maintenance repairs can be performed on site.

Our operational management systems ensure responsive and reliable turnaround times.

Clean and Preserve Equipment

Abrasive blasting reduces the effects of corrosion and other forms of abrasion caused by operating in environments with excessive heat and UV, exposure to chemicals and other corrosive elements.

We deliver solutions for a wide-range of industries and project sizes including:

  • Oil and Gas - drill rigs, mud tanks, pipe spools and pipe work. 

  • Mining – large-scale equipment, tanks and containers, earth-moving equipment and onsite structures. 

  • Industrial and utilities – tanks, transformers, plant and machinery, storage and process tanks.

  • Transport – trailers, truck chassis, vacuum tankers and skids, tippers and dollies.

  • Agriculture – machinery, trailers, attachments and components.

  • Manufacturing – general steel fabrication items, bulldozer parts, industrial floors, any type of steel, brick or concrete surface

Abrasive Blasting in Toowoomba, Roma, Chinchilla and Queensland.
Abrasive blasting and minor maintenance performed at our Toowoomba workshop.

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