Key Strategies

Our strategy is reflected by Masterblasters motto - "Done Once - Done Right".

Strategy 1: High level of quality finishes and customer service that is the best in town.

Quality finishes are achieved by the excellence of workmanship by our staff. Each staff member is trained or is completing training in Certificate III in Automotive Painting. Plus Masterblasters has a unique system that ensures your machinery or equipment is finished to the specification of the paint used. Combine that with the best customer service that keeps you "in the picture", and schedules your work to be completed on time. 

Strategy 2: Effective Workshop Management

Utilising the combination of a strict timetable and trained and efficient staff, Masterblasters can deliver your machinery and equipment on time at a high standard.

Companies can entrust their equipment, whether brand new or re-protected, to the staff at Masterblasters. Masterblasters attention to detail, quality workmanship, timely deliveries, and documented processes will ensure clients receive their equipment on time, and in first class condition.

Masterblasters Staff

At Masterblasters, staff are a key element of our business. Masterblasters employs staff who can deliver a high quality product and are proud of their work. Masterblasters is committed to up-skilling our employees to ensure sustainability and facilitate future growth. The company has a well documented code of conduct, systems, processes, confidentiality agreements, and an operations manual to guide staff processes.

Masterblasters Flexibility

Masterblasters services a diverse range equipment from small items to heavy earth moving equipment, truck chassis, stock crates, semitrailers and agricultural equipment.

If you build it or operate it, we can blast and paint it for you! Every item, big or small, receives our commitment to quality and timely completion.

Masterblasters services companies directly or accepts components from fabricators.

Trust Masterblasters to do it right

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